The HighViz Marketing Manifesto

How forklift dealerships stay relevant in an era of relentless change.

The forces of change are against the mechanically-minded forklift dealership owner.

These forces expect you to sell via zoom and have a 1,000 page website. You’d prefer a face-to-face meeting and a handshake. 

Yet, the future of your forklift dealership depends on your understanding and mastering the concept of your digital footprint. 

Supply chain interruptions, the pandemic, the electrification of everything, the high cost of a Buyer Zone lead is an uncomfortable reality. It may feel like an army of robots is coming to take your forklifts. Wait, that’s actually happening too. It’s not your fault if you can’t keep up with it all. Marketing is probably the last thing you want to think about. 

I’m here to tell you: Marketing is the armor you need in your battle with the future. 

When you master digital marketing the cost of leads goes down. If there’s a sudden change in the supply chain, you’ll find comfort in knowing you can communicate effectively with the contacts in your CRM. Your website, your email marketing, your social media can all help you get the message out when you need to pivot. But please know, this only works if you have put the work in to set it up before you need it. 

If you struggle with knowing what to put on your website, or if it’s difficult to communicate with your audience, it’s likely because you don’t have a well-defined, proven marketing framework to follow. This process needs to be organized, intentional, and professional.

Does this seem too heavy to lift?

Don’t worry, we got you. 

HighViz Marketing helps forklift dealerships with digital marketing so they can generate leads and increase equipment sales. It’s all we do. 

Below you’ll find the framework to follow that will set the stage for your company to dominate online. People who don’t know you will be able to find you. Your growing email list will respond allowing you to pivot quickly. Your website will generate leads on its own, without having to rely on outside expensive unqualified lead gen services. 

We follow this plan because we know from experience, forklift dealerships who master these strategies succeed.

What We Believe

  1. We will have a clear message. We are students of the narrative. We know copywriting, or the words we use, make our website a 24/7 salesperson. We cut the fluff. We clearly state the thing we do.

  2. We believe the customer is the hero. Humans process information in the form of a story. In our stories, we position the customer as the hero and ourselves as the guide helping the hero reach their goal. Mr. Customer won’t see themselves in your narrative if you’re talking about yourself. Repeating, you are not the hero of your forklift dealership’s story. 

  3. We invest in a marketing tech stack. We need software that connects the many components of digital marketing together. Blogs, Calls to Action (CTAs), landing pages, email lists work are an ecosystem that works together. The software helps us analyze our progress. This allows us to gather data to inform strategy. Unintegrated technology is not efficient and is a waste of time. 

  4. Every product, service, and campaign gets a dedicated landing page. The landing pages are like that big overhead door that lets people into your ecosystem. It’s the point where a visitor becomes a lead. More places you have to convert equals more conversions. One thing on one landing page allows you to target keywords. This helps with SEO and list segmentation. Segmentation improves email performance. The repetition allows you to improve, compare and iterate so you can increase traffic and improve conversion rates. 

    Click here to watch an episode of the Material Handling Webcast to learn more about dedicated landing pages.

  5. We center our marketing around sales funnels. Sales funnels or marketing campaigns are at the center, other marketing activities revolve around it. It’s where the messaging, story framework, tech stack, and landing page conversion all come together. 

  6. We follow the marketing “Rule of One.” This helps us focus and lower decision fatigue. Our blogs are written for one person. It has one topic that solves one problem. Our emails have one thing to promote and one CTA. The CTA goes to one landing page promoting one thing. 

  7. We adhere to conversion best practices. The website’s goal is to attract visitors and convert visitors into leads. Every decision in marketing is made with conversion in mind. If you’re asking why don’t we do “X?” It’s probably because we have data showing more people convert when it’s organized, written, or designed that way. 

  8. We are committed to creating content weekly. We publish a blog every week to fuel the flywheel of website traffic. It establishes us as the expert while feeding Google what it needs to send people to our website. This can be a heavy load, but we’re experts at lifting heavy things so we put in the effort to get the flywheel spinning because we know once it’s spinning, the work pays off. 

  9. We believe in the power of customer testimonials. At the beginning of the sales process, we learn our prospects' objectives. To make our customers the hero, our goal is to match them with the product that will help them reach their objective. Documenting how a hero solved a problem with a testimonial is the center of our companies’ story. It’s the core of our marketing message. It’s how we tell others what we do. 

The Right Equipment

There you go. This is why we believe your forklift dealership needs in a digital marketing strategy.

You know better than anyone, the right equipment makes an efficient profitable business. Schedule a call with us and we can have a conversation about equipping your dealership with the marketing tools you need to be ready for the future. 

Ready to learn more about optimizing your forklift dealership's digital marketing? If you want your customers to know you're a one-stop-shop for their warehouse needs, you need to position your business as a solutions provider. Watch this on-demand webinar to get the framework you need to be seen as all things material handling to your prospects.

How to Position Your  Forklift Dealership As A Solution Provider

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