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"I only have so much time to spend on marketing. Coming up with ideas is easy, but executing them is hard. That's why I hired Julie & Renee from HighViz to take our marketing to the next level. We've been using their sales funnel framework for years, and it has really helped us clarify our message and generate leads. If you're in the material handling industry and need help with digital marketing, I highly recommend HighViz Marketing.”
Mark Andres, CEO, TMHNC

Mark Andres
President & CEO, Toyota Material Handling Northern California 

“My team is proficient at many marketing tasks, but sometimes we need an extra hand. We were impressed with the work that HighViz Marketing did with our website. It's great to have a marketing expert who also understands the material handling industry. With our blogs, new campaigns, and PPC, working together, we're generating more leads than ever before.”
John Wofford, The Lilly Company

John Wofford
John Wofford, Director of Marketing, The Lilly Company

The Lilly Company
"Launching a new website was an important task on my to-do list that I couldn't put off. It was necessary in order to accomplish our marketing goals going forward. Fortunately, I was introduced to Julie from HighViz Marketing. She helped us launch a new site that represents our brand and generates leads for our associates. Her results were so valuable that we now have HighViz on retainer."
Jason Johnson, EVP, SST

Jason Johnson
EVP of Communications, Southern States Toyotalift

Southern States Toyotalift
"We love the new service website page HighViz Marketing made for us. It was a good exercise, I’m glad we did it."

Shawn McQuary
Service Manager, Mid Columbia Forklift



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