How to Nail Your Next Flyer Design: A Straightforward Guide

by Julie Clarke-Bush, on Oct 23, 2023 11:07:18 AM

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Flyers are pivotal in bridging the gap between your offerings and prospective customers. Their power lies in eye-catching visuals, and a message that strikes a chord at first glance. 

Success starts with a thorough briefing for your graphic designer. In this guide, you'll find a detailed roadmap for this foundational phase, designed to arm your graphic designer with the comprehensive inputs needed. The aim? To craft pieces that don't just attract eyes, but prompt action.

Starting Your Project Right: What We Need

Before we dive into designing, we need a few things from you:

  1. The Goal: What are you aiming to achieve with this flyer? Sell more products, like forklift tires, or promote your leasing options? Let’s set a clear target.
  2. Basic Content: We need a main headline, a smaller subheadline, and a few sentences of information. Keep it simple and direct. You’ll need to provide this when working with most graphic designers. However, if you’re working with HighViz Marketing, we can assist with copywriting and marketing campaign strategy.
  3. Printing Details: Most flyers are color printed on standard paper (8.5x11 inches) and don’t use edge-to-edge print (that’s “full bleed”). If you want something different, let us know your printing specifications.
  4. Your Logo and Business Info: We need a high resolution version of your logo and your contact details like address and phone number. This way, people know who’s talking and how to get in touch.

Working Together: How to Give Feedback

You’ll probably love your design once you see it, but if you need to request a change, here’s what we’ve found works best:

  • Use Loom for Feedback: It’s a tool that lets you record your screen and your voice. You can point out exactly what changes you want, saving both time and confusion.
  • Be Specific with Feedback: Instead of saying, “That doesn’t look right,” be direct. What exactly do you want to see changed?
  • Show Examples: If you’ve seen a flyer you liked, share it. It’s a big help to understand what you’re thinking.

Ready, Set, Go: Your Flyer Hits the Market

Your flyer is more than just paper; it’s your brand’s handshake. It’s what you leave behind that keeps the conversation going. And remember, if putting together a full marketing campaign, writing up the perfect words, or designing something from scratch feels overwhelming, we’re here for you.

Getting the word out doesn’t have to be complicated. Do you need a hand with your next big idea? HighViz Marketing is just a call or click away.

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